Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

So, on this the first day of 2011, I am committing myself to blog. The ending of the holiday season comes none too soon for me...the ad nauseam well wishes via text and Facebook have created tremendous stress in my easily guilt-laden life..some messages required me to forward to 10 of my "friends" or something cataclysmic will befall me. Hopefully, this blog will serve as sufficient sacrifice to the virtual gods and counteract all the woe which may have befell me for not forwarding all those forced electronic yuletide greetings.

A brief introduction may at this time be in order...I am not a Ballerina by any stretch of the imagination. I am an overwhelmed, middle-aged mother of one, who is twice divorced. I possess a rather distorted body image, drive a convertible I can't afford, have a few nasty habits, and will use this blog merely to release the negative energy pent up along the way as I live my everyday, ordinary life. For more reflective, inspirational dribble, please link to my Wonder Twin at I certainly do not intend to offend anyone with my writing this year; however, I will. The Ballerina must be politically correct ALL the time, and it has certainly taken years off my life. I am ready to reclaim those years, and this is my forum to do just that. I will simply be me, authentically and anonymously ...anonymously authentic. This dichotomous statement mirrors my life, and thus will become my 2011 anonymously authentic. Great, now I can order my stationary, etched wine glasses, and monogrammed guest towels for 2011!

Please forward my blog address to 10 of your friends or face uncertain doom.

A. Ballerina

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